How to go from bitchy to bitchin' and feel f*ing awesome in your skin!

Hey sis ~ 

I have an invitation for you, from you. It's from you at your most alive, bad-ass, energized self. She's inviting you to come home. Home to your body and yourself, so you can stop feeling like you're just trying SO.HARD. but nothing is changing. Like you're taking care of everyone and everything else, while fighting through just not feeling right. Heavy, cold, tired, wonky, running on fumes. 

Maybe you have a cupboard full of supplements or essential oils you bought hoping one of them would be the magic solution. 

Maybe you're on a prescription or two. Birth control pills, IUD, metformin, synthetic thyroid hormones, even an anti-depressant. 

Maybe you've tried "points," crash diets or the latest powder or shake. 

I hear you. I've done it all too, and so have my clients. 

But listen. It's time to get OUT of the overwhelm and information overload (Google at 2 a.m. anyone?) and just take on a path that WORKS. That hundreds of women have paved before you. That ultimately leads to you living comfortably in your body instead of pushing your symptoms away to just get through a day. 

Everything is here for you. 

What you get when you join

This program is designed for you to create lasting, impactful change in your body in the simplest way possible.  It’s the “owner’s manual” you never received for how things actually function in your body, so YOU’RE in charge, and not at the mercy of a system that hustles you onto a conveyor belt aimed at getting you out of the office as quickly as possible.  

You will finally have ANSWERS and clarity, not just suspicions, and you’ll know exactly what to do and what works for your body. 

And because most of us are juggling so much in our lives, each step is broken down into bite-sized chunks that you can easily implement one week at a time. The materials are self-paced, so you can take it in at a pace that works for you. You have lifetime access to the materials, the live support, and the community.

The Course + Labs

You get instant, lifetime access to the entire course when you join, AND you'll receive access to all added modules and bonus content in the future. The course is laid out based on what I’ve learned are the healing priorities of the body so that you’re working WITH your body, not fighting against it or trying to force it to do things it isn’t ready for yet. Each step opens into the next so you can relax knowing that it’s all working in the order it’s meant to. Stay at each step as long or as briefly as you’d like. Plus learn exactly what labs you need each step of the way, with direct access to get what you need in the US.*

Live Support + Coaching

This is WAY more than a course; it’s a program of lifelong support. Although the lessons are self-paced, you are not alone. Twice each month, we gather as a community so you get all your questions answered, loads of love and support, and a safe container as you do the work. You never have to turn to “Dr. Google” again: you have lifetime access to a knowledgeable expert who understands what you’re going through and can help you get un-stuck if you hit a bump in the road. 

A Private Facebook Group for Coaching + Community

In between the calls, as things come up for you, we’ve got your back. You are going to have questions and run into challenges because that’s life. Within the private community, you can share your wins, struggles, and questions for celebration, coaching and support from your sisters on the journey and from me. It doesn’t matter where you are in the process: you are welcome. You have a seat at this table.

*Lab access may be limited in NY, NJ, & RI

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • How to Get the Most from This Course

    • Important Links and Calendar

  • 2

    Introduction: But What the Hell Do I EAT?

    • Where Are You Now? Assessing with Labs + Questionnaire

    • Fuel: Shopping, What to Put on Your Plate, and Suggested Supplements

  • 3

    Step 1: "Hangry," Cravings, Energy Toilet -- oh, my!

  • 4

    Step 2: How Stress Hijacks Hormones + Metabolism

    • 2.1 Go the F* to Sleep

    • 2.2 How Stress Hijacks Your Hormones

    • 2.3 BodyTalk: What Your Bloodwork Reveals (+optional lab extras)

  • 5

    Step 3: Get That Sh*t Out (Liver + Detox)

    • 3.1 What's Gunking Up Your Liver?

    • 3.2 BodyTalk: What Your Bloodwork Reveals (+What Level of Detox Are You Ready For?)

    • 3.3 Liver + Detox Support Strategies for Every Level

  • 6

    Step 4: Good "Gut" Feelings

    • 4.1 How Digestion Works

    • 4.2 The 4 "R" Approach: Easy Steps to Improve Digestion

    • 4.3 BodyTalk: What Your Bloodwork Reveals + optional additional testing

  • 7

    Step 5: Is Your Thyroid Annoyed?

    • 5.1 How Thyroid Signaling Works

    • 5.2 BodyTalk: What Your Bloodwork Reveals + Most Common Patterns

    • 5.3 What to Eat + What to Avoid for Thyroid Health

  • 8

    Step 6: The Cycle Solution

    • 6.1 Charting Basics

    • 6.2 BodyTalk: Tracking Signs + Symptoms; Optional Labs to Assess Sex Hormones

    • 6.3 Cyclic Living: Food, Moving, Libido for Each Phase of Your Cycle

  • 9

    BONUS: Midlife Metabolic Makeover Implementation

    • Week 1

    • Week 2

    • Week 3

    • Week 4

    • Week 5

  • 10

    Special Edition: Handling the Holidays 2021

    • Video/Audio

  • 11

    2022 Call Replays

    • Metabolic Prehab

    • Macros Mini-Masterclass

    • Super Simple Cycle Strategy for Hormone + Metabolic Balance

    • Tools of the Trade: Tracking Blood Sugar at Home

    • How to Time Meals for Optimal Hormone and Metabolic Balance

    • How to Prepare for a Detox/Fasting Mimicking Diet

    • How to Transition from a Detox/Fasting Mimicking Diet

    • How to Transition Fix Your Sleep Fast

    • Herbal Adaptogens to Calm Cortisol

    • How to Understand a GI-Map


Christine MacCarroll

The founder of Taproot Nutrition and The Bitch Fix Podcast, Christine is all about one thing: helping other women get out of struggle and start living the badass lives they were designed for. After completing tanking her own health while helping her then-2-year-old daughter overcome a debilitating neurological speech condition, she learned two things first hand: 1. The way we do health around here doesn't actually help most people. 2. Humans have an incredible capacity to heal when they have what they need. Christine helped her daughter, herself, and now hundreds of other women to heal by demanding more and doing it differently. Credentials: Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP) Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition (BCHN)

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I needed this so badly

Jessica M.

This wasn't just a "eat this" type of course. It was really about your whole wellness and shifting ideas around food. It actually almost HARDLY felt like it was about food at all (in a really great way). I needed this so badly. After struggling for what feels like forever to eat well and bombarding myself with all kinds of information, Christine's approach of FINDING WHAT WORKS FOR YOUR BODY felt so simple, yet profound. I finally feel accountable TO MYSELF, not a doctor, a "group" of some kind, a trainer, the scale, a diet buddy (all of which I've tried). Somehow this program finally helped me make that shift I'd been desperate to make for YEARS. Christine is amazingly knowledgeable and really wants to help people heal. There is no judgement. No message from Christine ever felt critical or condescending (unfortunately something I'd experienced with other professionals). I wish I'd found her a long, long time ago.

She changed my life for the better

by Meme L.

Christine is simply amazing and I'm so grateful to have had the privilege to learn from her. She is a treasure trove of knowledge and communicates information in an easy to understand way. I appreciate her holistic approach looking at the entire picture of health and not just one thing. In her Bitch Fix hormone class I thought I would learn about hormones...which I did (and wow are our bodies incredible!!) but I learned so much more about mindfulness, 101 in digestion, manifesting the future I want, supplements and more! She changed my life for the better and I look forward to continue learning from her. There is no doubt in my mind that you will love her and learn so much from her.

Christine provides a safe place

Carla E.

I will start by saying that I have a rare genetic disorder called Lipedema. It is a disorder that does not allow me to lose excess body fat no matter how much exercise or dieting I do. It has been a depressing struggle and I originally sought Christine’s help to see if there was something that would help relieve the pain and discomfort of the disease. My doctors had told me there was nothing that could be done. It took me two years to allow myself the opportunity to take part in Christine’s program. It was only after attending a free weekend gathering that I decided I was worth it to invest in my wellbeing. Christine gives recommendations based on science about what may work best for your physical wellbeing. Christine provides a safe place to open up and builds a tribe of women that can continue to support each other. She is well educated in her practice. There is no cure for my disease, but Christine did provide me with tools and information that have helped to make my disease easier to cope with on a regular basis. I recommend her program because her perspective is valuable and through her education, she has amassed a wealth of knowledge and understanding that she is more than happy to share.

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